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E-Spray Electrostatic Sprayer

E-Spray Gun

Multi-Clean is excited to be selling the E-Spray Gun, Electrostatic Sprayer as a tool for application of Multi-Cleans’ line of disinfectants, sanitizers, and odor counteractants. The electrostatic technology offers unsurpassed uniformity in coverage of complex surfaces with exceptional transfer efficiency (minimal over-spray).
A Systems Approach
Electrostatic spray technology is providing innovative new methods to apply Multi-Clean brand disinfectants, sanitizers, and odor counteractants to a variety of surfaces. The E-Spray method helps insure fast coverage of complex and hard to reach surfaces that could be easily missed.
Validation and Compliance
Multi-Clean has tested and validated its line of EPA registered disinfectants and sanitizers to insure that activity levels remain constant before and after using the E-Spray Gun. Each E-Spray Gun is supplied with appropriate secondary container labels to affix to the E-Spray Gun container to insure OSHA compliance.