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Components for Floor Care During the Winter Season

Salt, snow, and slush are bound to enter your facility during the winter season. These elements can be tracked more than 15 feet into your building, a

HAI’s – Infection Control

HAI stands for Healthcare Acquired Infection. This means that a patient enters a hospital for treatment and contracts an unrelated illness. HAI’s are

What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is the inflammation of the liver, which can be caused by alcohol and drug use, bacteria, or toxins. This is a contagious virus that also c

Polished Concrete Maintenance

Polished concrete is becoming a very popular option in flooring (for background information on polished concrete, see our blog post Polished Concrete:

Norovirus – GII.17 Kawasaki

Norovirus causes food-related illnesses and is not to be mistaken as a respiratory illness because it does not spread through breathing or coughing. N

Cleaning tips to keep people healthy during cold and flu season

One of the highest profile examples of how sanitation impacts business is the recent outrbreak of e-coli and norovirus illnesses at a major restaurant

Choosing a Burnishing Pad

High speed burnishing is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to maintain a high gloss floor. However, many people have trouble understanding ho

Floor Care During the Winter Season

Salt, snow, ice, and other particulate soils that trail onto hard surface floors can be a never-ending battle for your customers during the winter sea