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Importance of Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is important when it comes to infection control because they are virtually used throughout the entire day. Hands can carry and transmit b

Cleaning in Schools: Cleaning for Health

With a new school year coming up, it is important to understand the pitfalls of cleaning processes in educational facilities, so we can help overcome

Hard or Carpet Flooring?

The debate regarding air quality between using carpet and hard flooring has long been an issue. Many school districts and administrators believe that

Prolong the Life of Your Floor: Reduce Stripping

Floor stripping is one of the most costly and labor-intensive maintenance activities in any facility, not to mention environmental and health concerns

Disinfecting Personal Items

Disinfecting and infection control is important in any facility, however, is critically important in hospitals and healthcare settings. Doctors and he

Floor Care: Green Strippers

Floor strippers have historically been some of the most dangerous cleaning chemicals to work with. They can cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritatio

Infection Control – Disinfecting Restrooms

During a time where the concerns for the next major outbreak or contamination are tremendous, infection control cannot be overlooked. High-touch areas

Is Your Disinfectant effective against Norovirus?

Illnesses related to the Norovirus are all too common.  When someone indicates they have the “stomach flu” or “food poisoning”