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Disinfecting Personal Items

Disinfecting and infection control is important in any facility, however, is critically important in hospitals and healthcare settings. Doctors and he

Floor Care: Green Strippers

Floor strippers have historically been some of the most dangerous cleaning chemicals to work with. They can cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritatio

Infection Control – Disinfecting Restrooms

During a time where the concerns for the next major outbreak or contamination are tremendous, infection control cannot be overlooked. High-touch areas

Is Your Disinfectant effective against Norovirus?

Illnesses related to the Norovirus are all too common.  When someone indicates they have the “stomach flu” or “food poisoning”

Floor Care Focus: Industrial Flooring

In the recent past, it was common practice for American companies to outsource many production and manufacturing operations to China and other countri

You can’t clean with just water! Here’s why.

How do cleaning products work? Every day, people use cleaning chemicals to remove dirt and unwanted contaminants from surfaces.  Through the use of cl

Summer Floor Finish Tips

Summer is the perfect time to perform big floor maintenance jobs such as floor stripping and finishing. The dilemma with the summer season, however, i

Graffiti Got You Down? Here’s how to remove it

A common frustration for every cleaning professional is tackling indoor graffiti problems. The graffiti found in restrooms and other areas often inclu