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You can’t clean with just water! Here’s why.

How do cleaning products work? Every day, people use cleaning chemicals to remove dirt and unwanted contaminants from surfaces.  Through the use of cl

Summer Floor Finish Tips

Summer is the perfect time to perform big floor maintenance jobs such as floor stripping and finishing. The dilemma with the summer season, however, i

Graffiti Got You Down? Here’s how to remove it

A common frustration for every cleaning professional is tackling indoor graffiti problems. The graffiti found in restrooms and other areas often inclu

Floor Care Focus: Floor Restoration & Aging Floors

As different types of floors age, they accumulate varying amounts of wear and tear, and can become more difficult to maintain. It is important for mai

Proper Care of Mats

Walk off mats do a significant job of keeping facilities healthy and clean by keeping soil and moisture out. To help protect your investment and to ma

Floor Care Focus: Fragile Floors

Traditionally, vinyl composition tile (VCT) has been the most common flooring material used for all types of floors in all types of facilities. Howeve

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning mistakes can ruin your carpet. According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), there are eig

Removing Red Stains From Carpet

How do you approach a red stain on carpet? Traditionally, the heat transfer method has been proven to work in removing red stains. For this procedure,