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Use the calculators below to determine RTU costs, compare labor costs, estimate the amount of materials needed to complete your project and more.

All calculators are Microsoft Excel files.

Floor Care Project Calculator

Determine how much seal, finish and stripper will be needed for a specific size project.

Multi-Task RTU Calculator

Determine RTU costs for Multi-Task products at different selling prices. Includes options of adding competitive products.

Cleaning Productivity Calculator

Compare labor costs to clean with scrubbers of varying scrub paths. Helps customers understand the right sizing of scrubbers for the size of a facility.

Cleaning Product Cost Comparison Calculator

Determine real costs of cleaning products by comparing Multi-Clean product cost in dilution side by side with competitive products.

Wave II Savings Calculator

Determine costs with the Multi-Task Wave ll restroom cleaning system.

Wood Floor Project Calculator

Use for gym re-finish projects to estimate finish, seal, sanding screens and other tools necessary for the job.

Easy Buddy Calculator

Determine RTU Costs with the Multi-Task Easy Buddy System.

FURY Usage & Cost to Scrub Calculator

Calculate the amount of FURY Degreaser needed for scrubbing floors and estimate labor costs to scrub.

Bio-Power Calculator

Quickly determine how much Bio-Power is needed daily per drain and estimate monthly usage.