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Removing grease and oil from surfaces is one of the toughest cleaning challenges. Multi-Clean manufactures heavy-duty degreasers for cleaning automotive shops, garages, factories and warehouses. Low-foam degreasers can be used with automatic scrubbers, pressure washers, sprayers and mop buckets.

Multi-Clean makes products for the food and beverage industry including grill cleaners, floor cleaners, food contact surface cleaners, products for use in three-compartment sinks, high-foam meat room sanitation degreasers and stainless steel cleaners and polishes.

Specialty cleaners and degreasers are available for removing oil stains, black tire marks and other tough- to-remove soils.


Multi-Purpose Industrial

Fury Degreaser - Heavy Duty Degreaser


FURY Degreaser was developed for automotive repair shops to address the need for a strong, cost effective degreaser that is non-corrosive. FURY can be used in scrubbers, mop buckets, spray bottles, pressure washers, and spray equipment. It offers great degreasing beyond auto shops. Works well with oil separation equipment.

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Citrus Assault - All Purpose Degreaser

Citrus Assault

An all purpose degreaser for cleaning and degreasing everywhere. Use in automatic scrubbers, mop buckets, pressure washers, trigger sprayers.

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Automatic Scrubbers

Formula 340 - Multi-Purpose Degreaser


Highly concentrated, low foaming, heavy-duty degreaser for use in automatic scrubbers and pressure washers. Removes industrial and petroleum oils and greases from a variety of surfaces quickly. Biodegradable. Environmental Solutions Product. USDA A-4.

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Tough Green


A powerful detergent cleaner formulated to provide all purpose degreasing and still be safer for people and environment. Concentrated, neutral pH, biodegradable, VOC compliant, non-toxic. USDA C-1

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Pressure Washing

Pressure NB - Heavy Duty Degreaser

Pressure NB

A non-corrosive yet powerful industrial degreaser formulated with water-based solvents and other compatible cleaning agents to achieve thorough, heavy-duty degreasing. Pressure NB can be used indoors/outdoors with automatic scrubbing machines, mops, scrubbing brushes and is ideal for use in high pressure washers.
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Formula 305 - Heavy-Duty Multi-Purpose Degreaser


A powerful low foam degreaser for use in automatic scrubbing equipment, pressure washers, mop buckets that cuts petroleum and natural oils and fats. Great for food service floors, restaurants, cafeterias. packing plants, etc. USDA A-1.
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Mastery - Multi-Purpose Solvent Cleaner


Multi-purpose solvent degreaser with the power of d-Limonene. Contains 70% citrus solvent. Removes tar, oil, asphalt, grease, asphalt cut back adhesive, chewing gum. Water soluble for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Citrus scent. USDA C-1. Learn More About Mastery

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Food Service

H.D. Hi-Foam - Foaming Degreaser


Foaming food service degreaser that attacks oil and animal fats. For degreasing walls, floors, tables, equipment etc. USDA A-1. Learn More About HD Hi-Foam

M-C 10 Sanitizer - Food Service Sanitizer


Highly effective no-rinse food service sanitizer recommended in all phases of food processing and food service environments.
USDA D-2. No rinse sanitizer. EPA Registered. Note for sale in Canada. Click here to see if this product is approved for sale in your state. Learn More Here

Power Suds - Hand Dishwash Liquid

High foaming detergent formulated for hand dishwashing in 3 basin sinks. Cuts grease. Lemon scented. USDA C-1

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10 M-C 10 Sanitizer SC - Food Service Sanitizer


Highly effective no-rinse food service sanitizer recommended in all phases of food processing and food service environments. For exclusive use in both the Sink Station and Sanitation Station dispensing systems. EPA Registered. USDA D-2. No Rinse Sanitizer. Learn More Here

12 HD Hi-Foam SC - Foaming Degreaser


A high foaming food service degreaser that holds to vertical surfaces for dissolving animal fats and vegetable greases. Use in meat markets, poultry plants, supermarkets, bakeries, kitchens, etc. For exclusive use in the Sanitation Station dispensing system. USDA A-1. Learn More

15 Power Suds SC - Hand Dishwash Liquid


High foaming detergent formulated for hand dishwashing in 3 basin sinks. Cuts grease. Lemon scented. For exclusive use in the Sink Station dispensing system.

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