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Electrostatic Spraying: New Cleaning tools for more effective disinfecting and sanitizing

Disinfecting and sanitizing of surfaces is critical to prevent the spread of illness and disease. In schools, cold and flu season brings on a dramatic rise in absenteeism related to contagious illness.  Often overlooked, pathogens such as norovirus can quickly run rampant through a sc

Disinfectant Efficacy: A Study on Disinfectants

If you are familiar with disinfectants and infection control, you know that all EPA-registered disinfectants have required concentrations and contact times in order to achieve the desired efficacy. But what happens when a disinfectant is applied incorrectly, either at a lower than req

How can disinfectants become ineffective?

Quaternary ammonium chloride, or quat, is an active ingredient found in many disinfectants. When disinfectants are used at the correct dilution, quats are effective against bacteria and viruses. However, if quat binding occurs, quats can become very ineffective. Quat binding is when t

Tips on using disinfectants

For areas where disinfectants are regularly used, such as in food service industries or hospitals, proper disinfectant choice is imperative. How disinfectants are used is also important. Below are some helpful tips to using disinfectants. Understand product instructions and applicatio

H1N1 Flu Infection & Disease

There are three main Swine Influenza viruses currently of concern to humans: H1N1, H3N2, and H1N2. These three viruses are a Type A Influenza virus that cause respiratory disease in pigs. The symptoms of infected pigs include fever, depression, discharge from the nose or eyes, breathi

Reducing your risk of getting sick at work

Reducing the risk of getting sick at work can be challenging if you have to interact with sick workers throughout the day. According to a Cintas Corp. survey, 81% of Americans found that the act of wiping a runny nose on one’s hands or sleeve is the grossest workplace habit. The top f

Infection Control in Animal Shelters & Hospitals

Animal care facilities, much like our hospitals and healthcare facilities, face challenges of preventing the spread of disease within the hospital, shelter, or clinic. Keeping an animal hospital clean and sanitized is essential to preventing the spread of infections and keeping both a