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Keeping Students Healthy with Electrostatic Sprayer E-Spray Disinfecting

Illnesses are Costly to Schools: Contagious Illness Impacts Student Performance After coming off the worst Flu season in more than two decades, school administrators continue to search for ways to keep students and staff healthy and reduce absenteeism. When students miss school due to

Disinfecting and Infection Control – Personal Items

Disinfecting and infection control is important in any facility, however, is critically important in hospitals and healthcare settings. Doctors and healthcare workers can treat multiple patients at a time. Since these facilities often contain people with weakened immune systems, prope

Preparation for the Upcoming Flu Season

The flu season is just around the corner and here are a few things that can be done to prepare for it. To reduce one’s chances of becoming sick, one should: Wash hands with soap and scrub for 15-30 seconds. Always dry hands immediately – bacteria can be transferred more easily with da